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Umbrella Insurance

from Nielsen-McAnany Insurance Services, Inc.

All insurance policies come with certain limits. Although you may not think it necessary to carry a physical umbrella in the Desert Southwest, you might find value in personal umbrella insurance, which helps individuals extend insurance coverage beyond normal limits.

At Nielsen-McAnany Insurance Services, Inc., we work with customers to find true value in insurance. Although it is true that the best insurance policy is the one you never have to use, we want to make sure our customers don’t experience the pain of insufficient coverage when a claim is made. Umbrella policies are a great way to do this.

Coverage for a Series of Unfortunate Events

Umbrella insurance extends the limits of your other insurance policies, and it also covers many events that may be excepted by other standard policies. An umbrella policy could help you pay for the damages to an expensive sports car that you rearended during a rainstorm. It may also keep you from personal liability if an accident on your property results in extensive medical bills for a guest. When liability limits on auto and home insurance are exceeded, umbrella coverage kicks in. It can help you avoid expensive garnishments or costly lawsuits, and the premium cost for umbrella insurance is generally easy to afford.

Determining Your Insurance Needs

Your NMIS insurance agent will work with you to determine your umbrella insurance needs. Coverage options start at an additional $1,000,000 in coverage. The umbrella policies we write will protect you and your family anywhere in the world and will often pay legal fees as well as other claims.

You can get started today with your free quote for umbrella insurance. If you have questions or would like to learn more about the options available to you, call our office during normal business hours. We look forward to protecting you.

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Umbrella insurance

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