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Homeowner Insurance

from Nielsen-McAnany Insurance Services, Inc.

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, a longtime homeowner or a retiree with multiple residences, you need to protect your home. Nielsen-McAnany Insurance Services, Inc. works with homeowners to write customized homeowner policies that meet individual insurance needs. We’ll help you identify your personal risks and evaluate what type of coverage will be most effective in protecting your home and your family. If you have an existing homeowners policy, we’ll review it, checking for gaps in coverage as well as any discounts and money-saving options that may benefit you.

Customizable Options for Homeowners

Different insurance customers have different financial situations and different coverage needs. Homeowner insurance policies are available with a variety of limits and deductible amounts. Your agent will work with you to determine which options fit your budget while also minimizing your risks. You might choose to go with a high deductible and rely on savings to help you bounce back after a disaster, or you may wish to carry a lower deductible for more peace of mind.

Standard and Optional Homeowners Coverage

Like all types of insurance, home insurance comes with certain standard coverage. This generally includes

  • Dwelling coverage for the repair or reconstruction of a home damaged in a covered event
  • Additional living expenses to pay for housing if a home is deemed uninhabitable following a covered event
  • Medical coverage for guests who are injured in a home
  • Personal property coverage to replace or reimburse for items lost, destroyed or stolen in a covered event
  • Personal liability, effective anywhere in the world, for residents of an insured home

Many homeowners have additional concerns that may not be protected by a standard homeowners policy. Specialized home insurance options include

  • Scheduled personal property protection for collectibles, heirlooms and high-ticket items
  • Vacant dwelling coverage for homes in which no one is living
  • Rental property coverage for homes you rent to others
  • Condo insurance for those who own single units within a larger building

Your home matters to you. Let us help you protect it. Get your free online quote home today, and call us to learn more about your coverage options.

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Homeowner insurance

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